Peat Chimney – Batch Strength #001


After the recent notes on the Batch Strength Spice King and The Hive it is time to have a closer look at the Peat Chimney expression in the batch #001 bottled at 57%. They have released 6000 bottles of this blended malt. Some of the Peat Chimney expressions I had a look at earlier were the Peat Chimney (2015) and Peat Chimney 8 years old (2014). A very pleasing expression in the Wemyss Malts line up.

On the nose of the Batch Strength Peat Chimney I can find notes of honey, vanilla, gorse heather, gummi bears, soft smoke, banana and dried fruits. This all is more intensified on the palate with creamy clover honey, apricots, raisins, salt, fudge, raspberries, mango juice, hint of cherry, cereal and a herbal note. A warming and sweet dram. Lovely finish with soft notes of creamy vanilla and red fruits. Thanks for sharing these samples of batch #001 Wemyss Malts!



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