The Maltman – Imperial 1995/2016 – 21 years old


At the recent whisky festival in the Hague Andy Hart from Meadowside Blending was off course also there to tell people about their wonderful bottlings from the Grainman and the Maltman. He brought a lovely bottling along from the Maltman collection, distilled at the Imperial distillery in October 1995, matured for 21 years in bourbon cask number #20155 and finally in November 2016 in total 298 bottles were bottled at a strength of 48,9%.

On the nose I can find some apple and spice notes that makes me think of freshly made apple sauce. Dried fruits, raisins, honey, powdered sugar, raspberry and ginger also come to mind on this nose. From the palate I get notes like wood shavings, spices, vanilla, dried fruits, honey, red apple, banana, grilled pineapple, hint of mango, malt and coconut shavings. A medium length but soft sweet vanilla finish. Making this a balanced, very enjoyable dram. Thanks Andy for sharing it!




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