Bookers – 7 year old – true barrel bourbon


Door number 1 of the Drinks by the Dram Bourbon Advent Calendar is a sample of Bookers 7 year old true barrel bourbon at 63,7%. On the nose I am getting at first aromas of vanilla, toffee, spices and coffee. It feels creamy and gives me also something that reminds me of dark fruits and rye. On the palate a punch of spices and black pepper at first, then soft creamy vanilla and mixed dark fruits take over. Ginger, rye and toffee follow, making it a warm fruity and spicy dram.

It keeps growing on me with each sip I take. At first it had some dryer spice notes on the nose and palate like clove, nutmeg and old spice. But this changes over time making it less “woody” and becoming more sweet and creamy. A smooth finish of a decent length that shows the fruity and vanilla side very well. Thanks Drinks by the Dram for sharing! A good start of the calendar and explorations into the world of bourbon.


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