Bruichladdich Laddie Ten (2nd edition)


For a recent #tenstroika twitter tasting a line up of the second edition Laddie Ten, Port Charlotte and Octomore were put in front of us. All being ten years old, distilled in 2006 from 100% Scottish barley and maturing since then in the warehouses on Islay. The first one to taste was the Laddie 10, distilled on July 26th 2006 from unpeated barley, matured in first fill bourbon, Sherry and French wine casks before being bottled at 50%. On the nose I am getting wood spices, soft salty chocolate, hint of metal, stones and seaweed. There is sweetness behind it, but covered with the wood spices. I decided to give it some more time to see what happened. And this was exactly what it needed!

The dense closed feeling the spices and metal were giving me at first changed in to heavy sweet butterscotch notes, releasing loads of fruits, powdered sugar, marzipan, red apple, red fruits, sugared almonds and vanilla sweetness. Adding a good dash of water, to see what that does to it tones it down and releases the sweeter notes even more of fudge, red apple, honey, malt and red summer fruits. Still the wood spice is present but now more spreading in separate notes of black pepper and gingerbread and more in the back of it all. 

The same flavours found on the nose I got back from the palate. Loads of fresh and dried fruits, oranges, red apples, banana, pear, mango juice, raisins, vanilla, creamy, honey and peaches. With some water added it releases notes of sweet vanilla sponge cake, chocolate flakes, cruesli cereals, coconut shavings and even more fruit sweetness. It needed some time to open it self up surprising me with a good amount of sweet notes. Becomes more balanced with a good amount of water, takes the harder bourbon wood and almost red wine tannines influence down a good notch. A good lengthy creamy finish with red- and black current added to the vanilla notes together with dried fruit sweetness, honey and a soft nutty bitter note. Lovely dram! Thanks for sharing a sample Bruichladdich!


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