Octomore – 10 years (2nd edition)


Last week at a #tenstroika twitter Bruichladdich presented us a line up of the second edition Laddie Ten, Port Charlotte and Octomore. All ten years old, distilled in 2006 and made out of 100% Scottish barley. The Octomore has a phenol level of 167ppm, matured in first fill bourbon and Grenache Blanc casks and is bottled at 57.3%

When nosing this dram, closing my eyes for a bit and dreaming away, I see in front of me a fire warming the room. Looking around I spot the large stone fireplace with ornaments on both sides, filling the room with soft warm wood and ashy notes. The candle lit room has stone walls, beams across the ceiling, books stacked up high along the walls and scattered along the many cabinets, a large painting above the fireplace with placed next to it a large reading chair. That is what comes to mind when nosing this dram…. A castle room. You must think I am going nuts now but stay with me and lets walk a bit further down the spiral staircase hidden in the corner of the room. 

Walking down the stairs, you can sense warm and sweet flavours growing stronger and stronger. At the bottom of the stairs you open the door and a large kitchen full of food being prepared is revealed. New potatoes roasting in the pan with fresh herbs and a good amount of butter to make them extra crispy. The honey glazed ham is just about ready to be served together with roasted carrots, fennel and parsnip. Notes of equaliptus, vanilla, samphire, lemon, brown sugar, dark chocolate, herbs, ginger, mocha, baking spices and coffee find their way into your nose. For dessert you see a vanilla pudding with sponge fingers is prepared topped with fresh red summer fruits and cherries.

Still with my eyes closed I taste a bit of this dram, letting my palate detect the flavours in it. I just have eaten the meal prepared in that kitchen, in one sip. Good long finish on this palate also. Many kind of fresh -, dried-, canned- and tropical fruits. All kinds are present in this dram, mixed with brown canned sugar and a good amount of butter. Thanks for sharing this Bruichladdich! I will be saving up my pocket allowance to purchase a bottle of this! 


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