Johnnie Walker – Blue Label


A couple of years ago I had the chance to make a note on the Johnnie Walker Blue Label from a small sample. It was at the start of my whisky journey and I had troubles getting to the core of it honestly, there was just not enough to give it a proper chance, and I was maybe not yet ready for it, who knows… But recently this lovely bottle shown above was delivered at WhiskySpeller HQ as the Johnnie Walker #thegifttogive for this coming Christmas. This finally gave me the chance to have another closer look at this expression to see what it will give me now a couple of years later.

On my first note I wrote down back then that the nose was sweet with a hint of pine/cedar wood, some berries, spice, citrus, vanilla, orange and chocolate candy and black pepper. The palate I found it back then a bit woody, notes of coffee bitter, sweet, floral, stone fruit, malty, chocolate, soft smoke, creamy, nuts, oranges and a light leather and tobacco note. Medium length finish with some smoke dryness on it combined with leather, tobacco and wood.

Lets have a look, a couple of years later, what my nose and palate give me this time. The things found before are still there. The malty, citrus, nutty and fruity notes combined with a hint of heather, pine and mint. Hazelnuts, honey, oranges, ginger, banana, red apple, vanilla and fudge. On the palate the cereal note combined with the creamy vanilla, dried apricots, sultana, black pepper, ginger, dried cranberry, lemon, dark chocolate, coffee, maple syrup, peaches, plums and clover honey are balanced very nicely together with a decent length vanilla honeyed finish.

Glad I got a chance to sit down with this dram again and explore it ones more. Just as with the striding man featured on the bottle I will keep walking, exploring and from time to time coming back to something if I have a chance for another closer look. Thanks Johnnie Walker for sharing! Much appreciated…


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