Makers Mark


Door 12 of the Bourbon Advent Calendar from Drinks by the Dram is a sample of Makers Mark bottled at 45%. We all know this bottle with the red head, dipped in the signature wax and dripping over the bottle. But it was only last year that I got the chance for a quick nose and taste and these were my notes back then on it…

The nose is very sweet and some corn notes, lots of vanilla, light tobacco, creamy and light liquerish note in the back. The palate is much like the notes on the nose combined with some dry tobacco, pepernoten, spices and very smooth. The finish is not so long and a bit dry. But very enjoyable all together.

Lets have another look at it and see what the nose and palate brings me this time. Lots of tobacco, rye, spices, gingerbread, corn, nuts, laurel, clove and floor wax notes on the nose. The palate is more creamier and gentle then the nose is to me. It has a soft vanilla note, some fruit, ginger and spices in it with a short to medium length finish. But it also sadly does have a high bitter nutty note that I cant shake and is bothering me.  Thanks Drinks by the Dram for sharing this sample so another closer look was possible at this bourbon!


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