Hudson – Baby Bourbon


You might have noticed that I am opening a door each day since December 1st of the Bourbon Advent Calendar from Drinks by the Drams… This gives me a closer look at different spirits distilled in the USA, great fun! Today it is time for door number 13 that reveals a sample of the Hudson baby bourbon bottled at 46%. If you like to read something more on the baby bourbon then have a look here.

On the nose I detect flavours of wood, tobacco leaves, rye, caramel, malt, roses, black pepper, walnuts and apples. There is something that reminds me of an aged goat cheese strangely and coriander seeds between the dark woody notes…

Woody and spice sharpness on the palate mixed with bitter notes of caramel and nuts and with vanilla on the short finish. Hmmm this one is not making me smile very much sadly. It softens out a bit with a few more sips and time, but still a bit harsh. Lets move to the next Bourbon discovery and see what door number 14 will give me tomorrow… Thanks for sharing Drinks by the Drams!


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