Francois Voyer XO


On day 2 of the new explorations into Cognac I enjoyed a sample of François Voyer the Terres de Grande Champagne Cognac expression. Now, behind door  16 of the Drinks by the Drams Cognac Advent Calendar another sample from them appears. This time it is the Voyer XO bottled at 40%.

Lets have a closer look at it… Very thick sweetness on the nose of vanilla, cassis, elderberry, lemon cheese cake, raisins, marzipan, powdered sugar and a soft note of rose petals. The palate shows me some notes of blackcurrant, cherries in thick juice, raspberry, fresh plums, orange juice, biscuits, vanilla cake and dried prunes. A soft and not too long finish sadly, but what a sweet fruit bomb! There are some notes on the nose and palate that linger towards spices and leather but very softly. Thanks Drinks by the Dram for sharing a sample!


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