Teeling – Vintage Reserve Collection – 24 year old


Teeling 24 Year Old

With the flu going around the last month the reviewing here was sadly put on hold and whisky was only used in the making of many hot toddies. This whisky kindly send over by Teeling mid December was certainly not one used in those, but put aside safely for that day that all the senses were working fully again. Finally that moment has come and so finally I could pull out that little cork on this 24 year old whisky released in the Vintage Reserve Collection, releasing some lovely notes…

The spirit, that made this Irish whisky comes from a mixture of unpeated and small portion of peated malt and flowed out of the stills in 1991 and started its long sleep first in a bourbon cask before they transferred it in Sauternes wine casks. After 24 years it was ready to fill 5.000 bottles at 46%.

The nose is filled with sweet soft creamy notes of vanilla cream buns, saffron, puffed pastry, apricot jam, warm cheese croissants, chocolate flakes, warm red apple, elder flower, lemon thyme, ginger and some light equaliptus note to give it that extra hint of freshness. Soft notes of a burned out campfire, mixed fresh fruit and canned fruits with a soft white pepper note in the back. Lovely…

An explosion of cherry, red current, raspberry, black current, dried apricots, thick vanilla notes and raisins on the palate. White grapes, canned peaches and those pastry notes from the nose mix very nicely together in a medium length finish with a soft creamy fruit smoothie note with chocolate sprinkles. A soft fresh and sweet nose with a chewy set of flavors on the palate. Thanks for sharing this #VintageReserveCollection expression Teeling!



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