Glenfarclas 15


You know that lovely feeling, when nosing your glass and it immediately fills up with loads of summer and orchard fruit notes, those sweet and syrupy ones, giving you that typical Glenfarclas warmth and sweetness? That you just know you are going to enjoy this dram? This 15 year old, bottled at 46%, has this all for me, and brings me back in my mind to the distillery visited a while back in the beautiful part of Scotland called Speyside.

The thick syrupy notes of black summer fruits, honey, spices, maple syrup, ginger, apples, sultanas, warm creamy chocolate milk, marshmallows and warm banana first come forward on the nose and are followed by some softer flavours of redcurrant, pastry dough and whole grain cookies…

On the palate the sweetness continues and leaves me with a creamy mouth feel after a good length of a finish. Making me think of those cookies again from the nose but adding good chunks of chocolate and fudge in there too. Honey, raisin, vanilla, lemon, candied oranges, baking spices, dried cranberry, dried mango and dried coconut shavings. A great dram and thanks Drinks by the Dram for providing the sample of this dram in the Christmas Cracker!


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