Kilchoman Sanaig

That moment when have a whisky in your glass and you’re instantly transferred back to a specific place, that is what this Kilchoman expression does to me. I can pick up the aromas of the warm wool on the many sheep grazing on the wet grass, the patches of thistles, gorse heather, soft flowers and shrubs mixing in through the bright green fields. The salty air with a touch of lemon freshness coming in from the beach on the other side of me, surrounding me with notes of seaweed and razor shell. Islay in a glass, lovely…

Notes of fresh red summer fruit, smoldering wood fire, sweet vanilla and briny notes are mixing in very gently with soft notes of coconut milk and chocolate shavings on the nose of this expression called Sanaig, bottled at 46%. The longer I nose it the more it seems to be releasing mint and barbecued meat notes to me.

On the palate there is an explosion of those barbecued notes at first mixed with oranges, red apples, redcurrant, elder flower, raisins, honey, nutmeg, ginger, after eight mints, a hint of red pepper and breakfast cereal. A good dose of mixed sweet fruit and fresh citrus notes with that briny and bonfire feeling are coming through it all. Making it a very pleasant dram with a medium length finish. Thanks Drinks by the Dram for providing the sample of this dram in the Christmas Cracker! Now I cant wait to get back to Islay…




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