Today I am taking a closer look at something different. A moonshine called Aegir from the Nes Distillery located on an island just of the coast of the Netherlands called Ameland. Curious to read more on how he made this briny Dutch moonshine? Have a look at the article WhiskySpeller wrote about it…

Researching some more on what is behind the name on this bottle I found that it is a reference to a sea giant or god from the sea in the Nordic mythologies. Finding references to him being a  party animal, terrorizing the waters, tumbling ships over, being a brew master for the gods and making beer in a kettle that Thor gave him. Not a single source I can seem to find that can give me a clear story for now but something to dive deeper into for sure and learn more about.

From the nose I am getting creamy notes of mixed tropical juice, red apples, soft black liquorish note, raisins, breakfast cereal with dried fruits mixed through it, warm banana, salt, fudge and seaweed.

The palate has also that sweet liquerish and creamy vanilla notes mixed with redcurrant, cherry and raspberries. A hint of orange and pink grapefruit finish are lingering in the back together with some other sweet ripe fruit notes. A warm and creamy medium length finish. Thanks Henk for sharing this!


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