Sculte Gin

A gin recipe made with onions? At the Dutch Sculte Distillery they do this slightly different combination besides the herbs and juniper were are used to in gins. Have they gone crazy? Well, lets check it out and see…

On the nose I am getting a fresh lemony but also creamy vanilla feeling together with some fresh garden herbs, soft sweet onions and oranges. Some liquorish sweetness lingering in the back together with gooseberry, mint and honey. That palate really is something different and here I can feel even more the influence of the onions added to the distillation process. A taste of slowly cooked onions in a good gravy or sweet & sour pickled ones. Mixing that through flavours of juniper, oranges, lemons, cereal, thyme and mint makes it a fresh and sweet gin with a little bit of spices in the end.

Adding some tonic water really tones down the onion flavours but releases some more fresh creamy citrus notes reminding me of a lemon cheesecake and ginger cake on the nose. The palate becomes fresher and releases more sweet red summer fruits and pushes the thyme and juniper note to the back. Interesting Gin this one from Sculte. But why did they added onions I hear you think? Well, the distillery is located in the region that is known for onions so it was a great way to combine the distillery, history and distillate.

Instead of a classic summer mixer that they recommend on the label attached to the bottle with some lemon, gin, tonic and ice perfect for warmer weather, Roy from the Sculte Distillery, advised to maybe try out the Sculte Winter Mix while the rainy and cold days linger on some more before Spring finally is here. This is how you make it. You use 3,5 cl Sculte Gin, 25 cl Fever Tree Ginger Ale, 1 star anise, 1 cinnamon pipe and nutmeg to make it. Add the Gin, Ginger Ale and ice cubes in a glass and garnish with the star anise and cinnamon. Grate some nutmeg on top of the glass to finish it.

At first I thought, when hearing onions, will this be something good, but it is really a fresh gin with an interesting twist that is not making you think directly of onions if you did not know it. I will be exploring more expressions coming out of this distillery for sure, and mixing this gin up a bit in different recipes. If you want to read about Sculte check out the article at WhiskySpeller and if you are ever in the area there do visit them…


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