That Boutique-y Gin Company – Blackwater #1

Sitting in the garden after getting the vegetable garden ready for the next season, seeding done in the enriched beds, seedlings growing in the warmth of the greenhouse inside and the sun slowly starting to shows its face again pushing the grey clouds away. Spring is in the air, birds busy flying around and young green sprouts are popping up already from the black soil in the herbal corner of the garden. Perfect time to sit down, enjoy these first rays of sunshine, put my feet up, relax a bit and enjoy a good gin…

As it happens the kind people of That Boutique-y Gin Company recently send over samples of their new line up of gins to WhiskySpeller HQ, time to open one up and see what it can deliver on the nose and palate in a undiluted form first and then mixed with tonic water. First to look closer at is the Blackwater Gin, Batch 1, bottled at 40% and made with with quince, rosehip & bletted medlars together with classic gin botanicals.

The nose shows a bunch of sweet and fresh floral notes mixed with honey, pomegranate, lemon slices and mint. Soft spicy note mixing in with some herbal notes, galia melon and oranges. On the palate these same notes can be found, only there is some more citrus byte to it and a light liquorish wood note. Lets mix it with the Fever-Tree tonic water and see what it does.

The nose is left with fresh citrus and floral notes while the palate looses the citrus byte and liquorish wood edge and becomes more fruity, showing me flavours of apples, gooseberry, juniper, redcurrant and raspberry. Maybe it is the smell of the garden around me but I am getting a light earthy note on the finish with a floral side in it. Thanks That Boutique-y Gin Company for sharing this!



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