Grappa Vecchia Riserva Vibrazione

The Grappa Vecchia Riserva Vibrazione from Villa de Varda is made out of pomace produced in Trentino and is aged in red fir casks made from Valle di Fiemme in the Trentino Dolomites. This is proven to be the ideal habitat of the highly sought after tree in the ‘Forest of Violins’, named after the instrument that is made of the unique wood from this area and known for the unique resonant qualities and inimitable vibration. That is how this grappa got its name…

Rich fruity and floral nose with a good dose of macademia nuts, almonds, salty dried ham, grapes, creme brulee, ripe galia melon, coconut shavings and elder flower. Thick creamy notes underneath full with red apples, rosehip and fresh red summer fruits. The palate is also rich and creamy filled with notes of dried stone fruits, oranges, mint, red apple, banana, strawberries, red current, demerara sugar, fudge, white chocolate (with the crunchy cereal mixed through it), vanilla cake, cookie dough, marzipan, hint of mocha and a good handful of yellow sultanas. A middle length sweet fudge finish mixed with raisins and chocolate chips.

Thanks van Wees and Villa de Varda for sharing a sample of this beautiful grappa! Looking for more information on the tasting we had from Villa de Varda? Check out WhiskySpeller then and of course Thomas his note on this expression can be found at WhiskyWorship. A new distilled spirit is added to the list to explore some more…


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