That Boutique-y Whisky Company – Irish Single Malt #1 – 24 years old

From That Boutique-y Whisky Company comes this recently released Irish single malt, 24 years of age from a unnamed distillery, bottled at 46,8% and only 264 bottles released in this first batch. Guessing about the distillery during the #boutiqueywhisky twitter tasting last week did not uncover any further clues sadly, so lets dive quickly into the nosing and tasting of it and see what it can show me…

On the nose I find fresh and vibrant lemon and orange notes mixed with green apples, vanilla and raisins, making it soft and creamy also. Citrus, gooseberry, apple blossom, elder flower blossom and pear drops follow quite quickly after that…

From the palate I can pick up notes of plums, nectarines, vanilla, raisin, liquorish, mint, chocolate, mango, red current, raspberry, pomegranate, macademia nuts and crushed almonds.

The finish is soft and of medium length, and showing me in the end some soft citrus, red apple and spices with a good dose of mint liquorice and cherry coke notes to top it of. An interesting fruity, sweet and vibrant dram. Thanks for sharing it in the Twitter Tasting last week That Boutique-y Whisky Company!


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