Method And Madness – French Limousin Oak

From the people at the Micro Distillery at Midleton comes a single malt Irish whiskey enhanced with French Limousin oak for a year after its maturation in ex-bourbon barrels. Distilled in 2002 and bottled without chill filtration at 46% and completes the line up tasted at the launch in Dublin with the French Chestnut, 31 year old grain and single grain expressions.

On the nose I can find some green, wood shavings, herbal notes and a hint of sour notes in it. A harsher layer of these notes is covering the sweetness underneath with fruit flavours and vanilla. Some earthy notes mixed with mace, raisins, dried dates, tobacco, honey, malt and cotton candy. Strange nose at first, but with time it grows on me I must say…

The palate shows me notes of sweet red fruits, biscuits, barley, elder flower, gooseberry, green notes, herbal, liquorice, raisins, plums, honey, oranges, pink grapefruit and pomegranate. The earthy notes from the nose become more a mix of ginger, all spice and a hint of coffee. Medium length finish with a creamy vanilla note, mint and citrus freshness, and some burned caramel. Balanced feeling overall of sweet, sour, spices and herbal notes.

It becomes less herbal overall when added a bit of water to dilute it. Also during the launch event some snacks were served and especially some grilled meat snacks worked very well with this one complementing each other. A great example of a whisky that pairs well with food, rising both to a higher platform. Thanks Irish Distillers for sharing this dram! M+M-FAMILY-SOFT-SHADOW-HI_NEW SUB FOILS


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