Benromach Sassicaia 2009

The latest Benromach Wood Finish expression is first matured in first fill bourbon barrels, followed by 28 months in Sassicaia wine casks from Bolgheri in Tuscany. Distilled in 2009, bottled in 2017 at 45%.

This soft and gentle nose is creamy and fruity at first, reminding me of a dessert made with lady finger biscuits, vanilla, warm caramelized red apples, redcurrant and raspberry jam. Behind that sweetness is candied ginger, orange marmalade, thyme, black pepper, clover honey and a hint of all spice mixed in warm toast with salty butter on top.

From the palate I can pick up these same notes but it is more chewy, mixing in a fruity sweet mixture that makes me think of cherry or strawberry bubble gum filled lolly pops.There is a hint of dry notes from all spice in the end on the middle length finish, combined with the flavours you get on a hot summers day when the asphalt is heating up and the car tires are giving off a rubbery smell.

Don’t think that these kind of notes are a bad thing because combined it makes for a warm, sweet, fruity and soft spicy dram with a gentle swirl of smoke running through it. Interesting dram. Thanks Benromach for sharing a sample of it!


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