Säntis Malt – Edition Himmelberg

A while back Thomas and I, as WhiskySpeller, had the pleasure of meeting Urs Dähler from Säntis Malt at a festival and ask him some questions for an article on him and the distillery while exploring some of their expressions. At the last Hielander festival a chance was also there to meet Detlef Sommer representing the distillery and promoting their products. He very generously shared some samples and the first one I am taking a closer look at here at LovingWhisky is the Himmelberg edition. Matured in beer casks for 2 years and then for another period in ex wine, port or sherry casks, before it was bottled at 43%.

The nose has full notes of maple syrup, toffee, malt, oranges, raisins, dried prunes, peaches, redcurrant, blackcurrant, creme brulee, dried mango, ginger, red crumbly apples, warm creamy chocolate milk, marshmallows and soft bread dough. Fruity and sweet nose with a touch of fresh citrus notes.

The palate has these same sweet and fresh notes, only enhancing more on the bread/malt notes, adding some rye or raisin/nutty bread into the mix. Plums, oranges, green apples, red apples, vanilla, toffee and raspberries are mixed through this all on the palate leading into the soft finish leaving a hint of spices and dark chocolate behind. You can sense the different cask influences coming from during its maturation period, making it interesting and something different. Thanks Detlef for sharing!


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