That Boutique-y Gin Company – McQueen – Batch 1

From That Boutique-y Gin Company comes a recently released London dry gin bottled at 42% called McQueen – Batch 1 – Chocolate Orange Gin. On the nose I can find notes of malt, chocolate, grapefruit, black pepper, oranges, mint and creamy vanilla.

Diluted with Fever-Tree tonic water it becomes less vibrant and looses the sharp freshness of citrus but becomes more creamy and sweet. Releasing red apples, toffee, salty popcorn and chocolate.

Undiluted the palate has loads of fresh citrus and creamy vanilla notes. Showing me notes of gummi bears, cinnamon buns, juniper, green apples, cocoa powder, soft flower, spices and some honey.

Diluted it becomes fruitier and releasing strawberry and raspberry with a hint of nutty and chocolate notes between the vanilla creaminess. Thanks to That Boutique-y Gin Company for sharing a sample!


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