Sculte – Nr 2


The Sculte Nr. 2 is a single malt bottled by the Sculte Distillery in May 2016 at 49% following the quickly sold out Nr 1 bottling. Sadly missed that one but I did have a taste of the nearly three years old spirit, making me curious to taste more of this distillery.

So when visiting them a sample of Nr. 2 was purchased to have a closer look at this Dutch single malt. Between then and now this edition also has sold out and Nr. 3 is expected to be released this year. Hope to have a closer look at that one later when it comes out, but first lets start with what I can find on the nose of Nr. 2…

Vanilla creme sweetness together with red apples, raisins and wood shavings. Anise, gooseberries, orange marmalade, spices, blood oranges, malt and soft floral notes. The spices remain quite on top of the sweet layer, even after some time in the glass.

The palate shows a good dose of liquorice sweetness combined with spices, ginger, fudge and red apples. The wood notes are pushed to the back covered by the warm spices and mixed with gooseberry, lemon, orange marmalade and elder flower it is giving me a feeling of woodpolish. Medium length finish with honey sweetness and cocoa powder and nutmeg dryness.


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