Glenfiddich – The Experimental Series #01 – IPA

ipa-bottle.jpgLast year Glenfiddich released The Experimental Series containing two new expressions, one of them being the IPA cask finish, bottled at 43%, and made together with the Speyside craft brewer. You can find more detailed information on the process and this collaboration at the Glenfiddich website page covering the experiments.

The nose has soft cookie dough and baking spice notes combined with a hint of hop and citrus. Apple blossom, fennel, green apples, vanilla, hint of pear juice, grounded white pepper and a green note that I cant put my finger on but making me think of cilantro mixed with mustard plant.

From the palate I get more warm honey notes mixed with vanilla, red apples, apricots, mango, raisin, baking spices, oranges and banana. Where the nose showed more green and spicy notes to me the palate is sweet and almost chewy in the end with a good length finish. After the sweet notes fade away the spices and cookie dough notes appear again together with a soft note of hazelnuts and chocolate. A very interesting dram, now need to find me a larger bottle for sure! Thanks for sharing the sample Tony!


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