Glenfiddich – The Experimental Series #02 – Project XX

Header-image2.jpgThe Experimental Series from Glenfiddich released last year contains an IPA expression and the bottling called project XX. It is bottled at 47% and is a whisky created by 20 people. How is that done? Well, Glenfiddich explains it to us very clearly in the graphic below and if you want to read some more details on it please visit their page about these experiments…

A lovely dram it turns out when trying this and very well received after the release. Lets give it a closer look… On the nose I can find notes of mocha, creamy warm vanilla sauce, crushed hazelnuts, macademia nuts, warm pastry, dark honey, green apples, powdered sugar, hint of cinnamon, redcurrant, dried cranberry, apricot jam, grilled pineapple and soft malt notes.

The palate is very warming, creamy and filled with sweet and fresh fruit notes mixed with soft spices, honey, candied ginger and lemon zest. Very balanced and enjoyable. A good length finish that carries on the spice notes into a warm mix that makes me think of nougat, lemon curd and freshly baked cookies. A dram that makes me want to go to a French pastry shop and indulge myself with different sweet baked goods while enjoying a good cup of coffee… Thanks Tony for sharing a sample of this beautiful dram! Much appreciated!


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