That Boutique-y Gin Company – Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin #2

The Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin, batch 2, is one of the recently released That Boutique-y Gin Company gins. Bottled at 43,3% and aged in a PX cask. In total 6 batches have been released so far, each matured in different type of casks…

Batch 1 – ex Palo Cortado Sherry cask
Batch 2 – ex Pedro Ximenéz Sherry cask
Batch 3 – ex Ardbeg cask
Batch 4 – 50 litre cask that held Bitter Bastards Manhattan Meta-Bitters
Batch 5 – 50 litre cask that used to hold the now elusive “Very Old Tom Gin”
Batch 6 – first-fill 50 litre ex Oloroso Sherry cask

Fresh nose with notes of juniper, green wood, mint, oranges, thyme, fennel, cardamom seeds, brown mustard seeds, baking spices, strawberry, bubblegum, turmeric, raspberry, powdered sugar, red current, cinnamon roles, white pepper, soft note of candied ginger and creme brulee. A fruity, spicy, fresh and warm nose. On the palate the citrus and juniper notes enhance, besides showing all the things found on the nose perfectly, with a liquorice and vanilla creme sweet medium length finish.

This really is one of those gins that can be enjoyed perfectly neat. But when mixed with Fever-Tree tonic it releases different notes that remind me of multiple kinds of french pastry but also of the honey sweet and pistachio rich Greek and Turkish desserts. With the tonic added I find more strawberry and raspberry bubblegum notes on the finish then the liquorice tasted before. Interesting gin, undiluted and diluted. Thanks for sharing a sample The Boutique-y Gin Company!



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