That Boutique-y Gin Company – Cotswolds #1

That Boutique-y Gin Company has added a quite interesting gin to their line of expressions. I have been exploring a sample they kindly send over from the Cotswolds gin, batch 1, bottled at 46% and matured in ex bourbon and ex red wine casks.

On the nose I find soft creamy vanilla and blackcurrant notes at first with sweet fruit and warm spices flavours beneath it. Lavender, candied lemon, plum, all spice, black pepper, juniper, redcurrant, cinnamon, almonds, tropical fruit juice and honey melon follow after that.

Lemon, orange, ginger, gooseberry, fudge and soft baking spices mixed with soft herbal notes are very clearly present on the palate. Creamy vanilla, red summer fruit jam and sweet cassis notes. A sweet good length finish on it undiluted.

Added with tonic water the sweet and warm spice notes are more hidden and green herbal and nettle notes come forward. Still the fruity nose I had before but the tonic gives it a totally new feeling.

The palate appears even more sweeter with added candied and fresh tropical fruit notes and honey. Soft creamy vanilla blueberry buns,  cinnamon buns and warm pastry filled with apples and raisins. Still a good length finish on it, but now less creamier and vanilla pod richness and it has changed more into a note of creamy mango juice. Interesting gin! Thanks That Boutique-y Gin Company for sharing!


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