Glendronach 2003

Recently Nils from Best of Whiskies send over some samples, one of which is a Glendronach bottling specially selected for the Duchess range. It is a whisky that was distilled in January 2003, matured for 13 years in virgin oak hogshead (cask 1751) and bottled at 53,9% in May 2016.

On the nose there is a thick syrupy sweetness making me think of strawberry bubblegum, cherries, coconut shavings, caramelized apples, powdered sugar, vanilla pods, blackcurrant, raspberry jam, dried apricots, honey and redcurrant. Soft notes of toast, wood and spices in a thin layer covering all this fruity sweetness.

The palate shows a warm and spicy combination of orchard and tropical fruits mixed with baking spices, red pepper balls, coconut and ginger. I can also find notes of soft creamy vanilla, raisins, powdered sugar, oranges, blackcurrant, anise, lemon, blue berries and rhubarb pie. A middle length finish with a light note of mace between the vanilla. Lovely dram, thanks for sharing Nils!


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