Sculte – Nr 3

whisky_2_3_twp.pngRecently I have had a chance to closer look at the Nr 2 whisky from the Sculte Distillery here at LovingWhisky. Shortly after, at the festival in Twente a chance was given to have a small taste of the soon to be released next expression, the Nr 3 whisky. They kindly send over a sample after the festival for a proper nosing and tasting to share here. It will be bottled at 51% in a small release.

Just as in the previous bottling this whisky shows me a good dose of vanilla creamy sweetness together with red apples, raisins and soft wood shavings at first on the nose. But there are in this new expression more warm spice notes and fuller notes of diverse citrus fruits then in the Nr 2 visible.

Combined with the flavours of oranges, dark chocolate, warm banana, nutmeg, honey, salty fudge, liqourice, candied ginger, tangerines, lemon, redcurrant and a hint of mint make it a pleasant warm and fruity nose.

The palate has this same kind of vanilla, fruity and honey sweetness. Warm baking spices mixed with cookie dough, ginger bread, dark chocolate, caramelized warm apples, apple compote, ripe bananas, cherry, orange and mango juice, raisins and dried apricots.

A decent length, but soft fruity finish, that leaves a coating reminding me of gummy bears and a large scoop of vanilla ice with swirls of fudge running through it. A denser feeling of warm flavours in this release then in the previous edition, very interesting so see the development through the Nr 1, Nr 2 and now Nr 3 whisky. Thanks Sculte for sharing a sample!


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