Milk & Honey distillery


Last year at Maltstock, Rotem Ackermann from Israel, shared two expressions from the Milk & Honey distillery.  Great to have a chance to have a closer look at this distillery. First up is the new make spirit bottled at 50%. On the nose I can find sweet malty notes, honey, strawberry, fresh apple juice, raisins and vanilla pods. The palate shows me a fruity sweet and also fresh array of flavours mixed with aniseed and mint. A promising spirit.

The other expression shared is from the Cask Series, a line of shortly matured spirits to show the progress made with different length of maturation and cask types.  This sample given was from cask #004, an ex red wine cask, distilled on 15/06/2015 and bottled at 15/02/2016 at 53,2%. The nose shows me a good dose of mixed sweet red fruits ranging from strawberry, redcurrant, raspberry and cherry. Mixed with a chocolate malt, liquorice and young grassy note. On the palate these all can be found there also but a new layer of spices, stem ginger, banana, red apple and fudge is added. Thanks Rotem for sharing these Milk & Honey expressions, very interesting!


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