The Duchess – Shieldmaiden Ylva – Auchentoshan 24 year old

Best of Whiskies recently released some new expressions from the Ardbeg, Glendronach and Auchentoshan distilleries. That last one, from the independent line of The Duchess, is called the Shieldmaiden Ylva, an 24 year old whisky bottled at 51,5%, distilled in 1990 and bottled in 2014.

From the nose I can get flavours of powdered sugar, vanilla buns, cherry flavoured sweets, raspberry, strawberry jam, rhubarb, honey, elder flower blossom, dried red apple and a soft note of blackberry and honeysuckle.

The palate has this same fruit sweetness, creamy honey and vanilla notes. Adding to the mix fresh lemon, sweet sultanas, candied ginger, fennel, oranges, jelly beans, mango juice, galia melon and a hint of oak. A very balanced and enjoyable dram with a medium length finish. Thanks for sharing Nils!



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