Sculte – Twentse Jenever


Recently Sculte Distillery send over their Jenever for a closer look at their new unpeated (bottled at 36%) and peated expression (bottled at 38%). From time to time I have been trying Jenever, but it still is a bit unknown to me. What is the definition of Jenever?

Jenever – “Genever”, “Dutch Gin” or “Hollands” 
Has inherited her name from core-ingredient juniper berry (jeneverbes). Originally jenever is produced from 100% malt wine with added (re-distillates of) herbs and spices, very similar to gin, which on its turn has descended from jenever. Modern jenever is split into two main categories, “Jonge” and “Oude”, referring to the age of the recipe, not the product. 

A lovely opportunity to have a taste at a peated and unpeated expression from the same Dutch distillery. First let’s have a closer look at the unpeated one. On the nose I can find flavours of creamy malt, apple skin, juniper berry and a hint of citrus and black pepper in the back. The palate is fruity and creamy with notes of red apple, gooseberry, juniper, raisin, dried apricots, malt and canned fruit syrup.

The peated jenever has a sharper nose with a good dose of pepper and herbal notes added to the flavours found also at the unpeated one. The citrus notes are now more separately visible as oranges, lime and grapefruit instead of one citrus layer. Earthy notes, thyme and a light touch of smoke mix through the warm malt notes. From the palate I can detect notes of creamy soft vanilla and heather smoke. It is fruity but far softer then the unpeated jenever was on the palate. Very interesting to taste these side by side. Thanks for sharing Sculte!


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