At World Whisky Day Billy Leighton hosted a facebook tasting, broadcasted live from the Midleton Distillery in Ireland, where he shared a single cask Redbreast whiskey that he hand selected to mark the occasion. A cask that normally would be blended into the other Redbreast expressions but was now tasted separately, to have an unique close up look at the character of Redbreast whiskey by a large group of people while Billy talked us all through the details of this cask and answering questions from the participants. If you like to see the video of this tasting please check the video section on their facebook page or by following the hashtag #RedbreastDreamCask

The ruby red liquid in my glass turned out to be a 31 year old single pot still whiskey, matured first for 25 years in a refill ex bourbon cask and after that in 2011 it was transferred into Sherry cask #41207 to further grow its sweet and fruity profile. The sample send over is as cask strength 46,7%. Lets have a closer look at some of the notes I wrote down during the tasting…

On the nose I can find many notes of sweet red fruits, creamy warm creme brulee with a crackling layer of the sugar clearly present also next to the lush vanilla notes. Dense fruit cake notes, blood oranges, raisins, candied ginger and chocolate, red warm apples, pastry dough, powdered sugar, passion fruit, redcurrant, figs, plums, marzipan, soft spices and a light note of wood in the back. Quite a full and rich nose for sure!

The palate was not letting me down either and made it a balanced dram with warm notes of cherries, cassis, creamy vanilla, marzipan, red apples, fudge, strawberry, raspberry, ginger, spice, warm banana, liquorish, creamy dark chocolate mouse, blackcurrant, mango juice and orange marmalade. A good length finish with vanilla sweetness, creamy, baking spices, dark chocolate and dried apricots. Would love to see this whiskey bottled for sure as is, great dram and enjoyed it very much! Thanks for sharing Redbreast!








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