That Boutique-y Gin Company – Moonshot Gin

That Boutique-y Gin Company recently send over a sample of the just released batch 1 of the Moonshot Gin. A gin made out of botanicals send into space… Ehm wait a minute. Space? Yeah, I can hear you thinking. Have they gone mad? Is it one of those marketing thingies again? Is this going to be different? Does it make a difference?

I can not say if it makes a difference in the product, because I still am very new to the different flavours gin can produce and all its possibilities and combinations in the making of it to be honest. Learning on the go. It is something different that they did here that is for sure! Here are some details they shared about it…

  • London Dry Gin
  • Batch no. 1
  • Bottled at 46.6%
  • 1.000 bottles released
  • RRP £32.95
  • Made exclusively with botanicals that have been sent into near-space (at altitudes over 24 km) and exposed to an air pressure of less than 1/100th of that at sea level
  • Once the Juniper, Coriander, Camomile Flowers, Fresh Lemon Peel, Cardamom, Dried Bitter Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Cubeb Pepper, Liquorice Root, Angelica and Moon Rock return to Earth, they are vacuum distilled at room temperature for freshness and elegance. (For reference, our vacuum still achieves pressures of nearer 1/10th of that at sea level.)

Curious to see how the sending into near-space thing looks like? Check out this video then…

But putting all foolishness aside. Space or not, what are my thoughts on it? Like or not? Lets have a closer look. First nosing and tasting it undiluted. A very fresh, soft and sweet nose. Floral notes mixing very well with different citrus fruits, juniper and soft spices. Lemon cheesecake, orange marmalade, fennel, nutmeg, juniper, (very light note of) clove, white pepper and coriander seeds.  The fresh softness found on the nose is pushed to the back on the palate with the warm peppery, bitter marmalade and cardamom jumping quickly to the front. A light creamy vanilla and lemon note lingers on the medium length finish. Ok. Lets add some Fever Tree tonic to it and see what it does to it.

Just a bit of tonic added releases on the nose more floral and soft honey notes. Mixed wild flowers, roses, elder flower, clover flower, juniper, honey, oranges and cardamom.   The palate becomes more balanced and the peppery and bitter notes from before are now better in balance with the nose, giving it an even more creamy feeling then before. When you add another splash of tonic I notice that the citrus notes come forward strongly together with fresh green notes. Something different again.

As said before I am still discovering the broad world of different gins out there, and it is for sure different then with whisky. But this one I am finding interesting due to its different changes with adding different amounts of tonic. That gives many options in mixing I can imagine. So much is possible with the different combinations of botanicals, way of distilling and mixing I keep discovering and that is what I find so interesting about gin. I am not a fan of the bitter marmalade kind notes but still an interesting drink this Moonshot Gin. Thanks for sharing a sample That Boutique-y Gin Company!


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