Eaglesburn Distillery – Dry Gin

Recently WhiskySpeller visited the Dutch Eaglesburn Distillery (photos available here) where a chance was given to have a taste of the dry gin he is making while he waits for his whisky to come of age. Separately, as you are used to with us, we will tell you about our notes and experiences, me here at Lovingwhisky and Thomas at WhiskyWorship. This bottle of dry gin tells us it is bottled at 47% in March after being distilled in February 2017. The botanicals used in it are thyme, tarragon, star anise, poppy seed, nutmeg, lime peel, lemon peel, juniper berries, ginger shavings, fennel, cumin, coriander, clove, cinnamon, cardamom and anise.

Undiluted I can find a good dose of citrus freshness with strong notes of turmeric, curry powder, star anise and black pepper flavours on the nose. If I had my eyes closed it could trick me in thinking I was smelling a warm and flavorsome curry dish in front of me… The palate is warm, fruity, citrus and full again with spices and herbs. The thyme in combination with honey, fennel, lemon, juniper, gingerbread and pepper are clearly present.

Mixed with Fever Tree tonic it tones down fast on the nose. The spicy flavours from before are more pushed back and oranges, vanilla, gingerbread, nutmeg and cardamom are pushed to the front. The palate releases more fresh mixed citrus and a strong clove note. It is something different for sure then I had so far in my newly undertaken road of discovery through the world of gins. Like it. More undiluted then mixed to be honest, but when chilled the citrus freshness is enhanced even more, so maybe I have to experiment with other mix combinations to find the perfect serve. Thanks Eaglesburn Distillery for sharing it!


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