Eaglesburn Distillery – Navy Strength Dry Gin

The Eaglesburn Navy Strength Dry Gin (batch 2) is bottled at 57% (distilled February 2017 / bottled March 2017). Earlier I took a closer look at the other gin this distillery is producing, but this one is not only bottled at a higher strength but also a different combination of botanicals is used in the distillation. This expression is made with juniper berries, orange peel, jasmine flowers, peppermint leaves, orange flower, lavender, wormwood, fenugreek, sumac, rose hip, roses, chamomile, lemon balm, blackthorn, St John’s wort and nutmeg pod according to the label.

First a closer look at it undiluted. The nose has flavours of soft fresh citrus mixed with different floral notes and creamy honey. Spearmint, fresh orange juice, warm Middle Eastern spices, cumin, juniper, grapefruit, cardamom, white pepper and a soft note of black tea in the back… Taking a sip gives me a warm explosion of spices, pepper, ginger, vanilla, dried fruits, lemon, oranges, grapefruit, loads of spearmint, lavender and roses. A bit thick ‘gummy chewing gum’ finish? Like the combination of flavours in this gin but there is a lot going on in it, doubting if maybe a bit too much?

Diluting with Fever Tree tonic really makes it less overpowering and releases soft mixed floral flavours combined with soft warm baking spices on the nose. There is also a creamy lemon note coming forward together with cookie dough. The palate gets a more creamy feeling with a sharp lemon and mint freshness. The gummy feeling from before is gone and it all feels more balanced. This could work very well on a hot summers day mixed with some ice cubes. Refreshing, fruity, floral and sweet with a soft spicy edge to it all… Thanks for sharing Eaglesburn Distillery!


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