Mackmyra – Moment Tolv

The Moment Tolv from Mackmyra is a twelve year old expression (Tolv meaning 12 in Swedish) bottled at 47% after maturing in the Bodås mine in first fill bourbon since 2004. This expression was released in the Moment series in February 2017 and they tell us that this whisky is reflecting the house style and character of Mackmyra the best.

On the nose I can find soft notes of wood, vanilla, pear juice, toasted dark bread, a light herbal and peppery note, sweet ripe redcurrants and bread dough. The palate is sweet and fruity. Notes of raisins, vanilla and an edge of wood and spice dryness. Canned peaches, red apples, pears, fudge, cherries, fruitcake, Turkish delight, soft candy and honey notes in the back with a hazelnut flavour. Lovely flavours combined with a very sweet, almost thick marzipan, layer with candied fruit and most of all loads of red summer fruits.

A good length finish with a sweet and fruity feeling but also a bit of dryness coming back giving notes of fresh wood and soft spices. A very interesting and fruity dram, thanks for sharing a sample of the Moment Tolv in the #MSWspring2017 Twitter Tasting Mackmyra!



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