Mackmyra – Expedition

The Mackmyra Expedition is an 7 to 9 year old whisky, bottled at 46,1%, and mostly matured in bourbon casks as well as Swedish oak casks that have held Swedish cloudberry wine for some months. On the nose I can detect a distinct flavour of soft campfire smoke mixed with a light ashy note. Elderflower, vanilla, honey, gooseberry, redcurrant, raisins, a packed dense patch of leafs in the forrest, pine and pears follow closely after that…

The palate reveals more warmer fresh and dried fruit notes next to the ones already found on the nose. Loads of forrest notes, campfire smoke, fruit, sweetness, spices, pepper, honey, vanilla and liquorish added to this all. Finish is soft and of medium length. A bit of a creamy honey and liquorish note stays behind together with grounded black pepper.

Thanks for sharing a sample of the Expedition in the #MSWspring2017 Twitter Tasting Mackmyra!



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