Mackmyra – Svensk Rök

The Mackmyra Svensk Rök I first discovered back in 2014 and found it to be a very nice, fresh and sweet dram with an intriguing kind of smoke in it. This has become a standard bottling for Mackmyra, bottled at 46,1% and always made of a mixture of 4 to 9 year old whisky, matured in different casks; American oak, Swedish Oak, ex-bourbon and casks saturated with Oloroso and different cask sizes ranging from 30 to 128 litres. Below my thoughts on the Svensk Rök in 2014…

On the nose soft sweet smoke, vanilla, pine, a good wood campfire, berries, forest freshness after some rain, some nice warm wood notes. Spicy notes coming through, bit pepper, cinnamon and ginger. Dark chocolate, toffee, raisin, dark summer fruits, and orange and citrus notes.

First there are some tobacco notes that hit the palate together with some green herbs like thyme. Bit smoky dry at first with some pepper, cinnamon, vanilla and toffee sweetness mixed with dark chocolate. Then some more honeyed sweetness emerges, with a fruity side. Green apples, banana, gooseberry, and grapes. But also some red berries, and cranberry in the mix. Medium length finish, combination of a bit malty, raisin, vanilla and chocolate, like a fruity granola bar with chocolate on top…

In a recent Mackmyra Twitter Tasting #MSWspring2017 a chance to taste the Svensk Rök again was given. It still is something different for sure with the smoky notes produced with their local beat bogs and the use of the juniper twigs. Lets have a closer look at it again…

On the nose warm smoky notes of a lingering wood fire. Redcurrant jam, rye bread, vanilla, blackcurrant, strawberry, dark liquorice, and thick syrupy caramel, red apples, soft pear and tangerine notes…

The palate has loads of sweet fruit notes with soft smoke and black pepper. Canned fruit syrup, creamy vanilla, soft cookie dough, pine, oranges, red apples, banana and gooseberry. No very overpowering notes in this dram, but it feels balanced in sweet, herbal, spicy and earthy flavours. On the decent length finish notes of cranberry and chocolate mouse. Lovely dram.  

Thanks for sharing a sample Mackmyra!


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