That Boutique-y Gin Company – FEW

That Boutique-y Gin Company released a gin bottled at 46,2%, made in the USA by FEW Spirits. This is what they can tell us about this first batch…

In these times of uncertainty, especially regarding the UK and its place in Europe, a friendly American distillery has produced a gin to calm the nerves and show the way. This Brexit Gin was created by Paul Hletko of FEW Spirits in Illinois. There is botanical democracy and the angelica, lemon, orange, and orris of classic gin recipes have been voted out, leaving behind juniper, coriander seed, lime, and fennel. The result is a boldly flavoured gin, great for Martinis and mixing – a definite limey treat.

On the nose I can clearly find notes of lemon, thyme, minty chewing gum, strawberry bubble gum, juniper, vanilla, star anise, angelica root, orange and coriander. It all gives me a feeling of green soap? The palate is also very strong on these same notes of lime and light liquorish in the back. Bold and limey indeed…

Lets add some Fever-Tree tonic and see what it does to this thick combination of flavours. A good splash of tonic does tone it down quite a bit and the gummy and soapy feeling goes to the back and it releases a soft floral note mixed with lemon curd, creamy lemon and vanilla…

Not sure if this gin is the perfect match for me, it does work better with tonic added, and it sure made me discover some new flavours! Thanks That Boutique-y Gin Company for sharing a sample!


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