That Boutique-y Gin Company – World Gin Day – 7 Continents Gin (Batch 1)

For the 10th of June, also known as #WorldGinDay, the people at That Boutique-y Gin Company released a new gin named World Gin Day 7 Continents Gin bottled at 47,7%. This first batch is made with a single ingredient originating from each continent they tell us, being juniper from Europe, coriander seed from Australia, angelica root from North America, cinnamon from Asia, liquorice root from Africa, lime zest from South America and a tiny amount of Antarctic sea salt, harvested from waters from currents originating in the Antarctic Ocean.

First lets have a look at it in its pure form before we add Fever-Tree tonic to it. On the nose I can find flavours of mixed soft floral notes, clover honey, creamy vanilla, hint of coconut shavings, fresh raspberries, soft liquorice, red current, oranges, lemon sweets, banana foam candy, soft fresh coriander and a soft mix of milk chocolate/fudge/salt…

On the palate there are fresh citrus notes combined with coriander and juniper that really a pushed to the front with in the background soft vanilla and a salty liquorice note. A creamy fruity layer behind this all of raspberry, red current, hint of cherry, marzipan and coconut shavings. Lovely gin to drink as is. But curious to see what happens when some tonic is added.

The nose gets more citrus freshness to it mixed with juniper and coriander. The sweet red fruit is behind this all making it very soft but a sweet, creamy and fruity nose. The palate shows definitely more of the juniper and releases more bitter notes to the sweet mix. Lovely expression to explore for sure! Thanks That Boutique-y Gin Company for sharing a sample for #WorldGinDay !


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