That Boutique-y Gin Company – East London Liquor Company

For That Boutique-y Gin Company the East London Liquor Company made a batch of gin bottled at 46%. They made a Triple Citrus Gin with a mix of botanicals containing lime, orange, miyagawa, Douglas fir and cubeb berries.

On the nose I can find flavours of fresh coriander, juniper, orange peel, lemon, 7-up, cardamom, fennel, ginger and a very soft nutmeg note. The palate has a good dose of vanilla, red current, raspberry, roasted fennel, creamy lemon cheesecake, lemon curd and pink grapefruit flavours. Bit creamy sweet nose and palate with a not very long finish containing fresh ginger notes.

When added Fever – Tree tonic to it becomes more balanced on the nose revealing more creamy lemon notes with soft spices and delicious flavours of baked goods and fresh fruit pies. Sweet, fruity and creamy. I can find more juniper notes on the palate now combined with liquorish. The tonic really gives it more balanced layers. Very enjoyable gin. Thanks for sharing a sample That Boutique-y Gin Company!


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