Ardbeg Kelpie

The Ardbeg Kelpie expression is the recently released Feis Ile bottling and named after the legends of the sea. Matured in virgin oak casks from the Black Sea and bottled at 46%. If you like to read more about this years Ardbeg Day and this expression then please have a look at the WhiskySpeller article about the festivities.

Lets have a closer look at this peaty dram. On the nose I can find soft smoke and briny salty notes. In here is also creamy vanilla, apples, nutmeg, honey, ginger, green tea, pine, dark chocolate, stewed fruits, black pepper and a hint of coffee bitterness in the back. From the palate I can find sweetness from dried apricots, sultanas, fudge and vanilla. This is all behind a soft peaty layer of heather and briny notes, with a hint of equaliptus freshness in the back.

The palate reveals almost the same combination of flavours as found on the nose but is mixed with a delicious note of a full plate of just backed crispy strips of bacon and a hint of some wood notes are coming forward in the back of the medium length finish. Lovely dram with sweet, fruity, smoky, briny and spice notes. Balanced. Like it a lot. Easy drinkable (if you can handle peat that is) but complex enough to keep me engaged. Thanks Ardbeg & Typhoon Hospitality for sharing a sample!


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