Highland Park Valkyrie

The Highland Park Valkyrie is the latest whisky expression filled with #VikingSoul coming from the beautiful island Orkney and bottled at 45,9%. If you like to read more about this expression and the meaning behind it then please check out the WhiskySpeller article on the launch event organised here in the Netherlands recently. The Valkyrie is something different and interesting I find… Lets have a closer look at it!

From the nose I am getting loads of different types of flavours. The typical vanilla note and a soft smoky feeling running through it. Mixed with sweet canned fruit syrup, green apples and lemon freshness, sweet candied ginger, mixed fragrant floral notes, creamy heather honey, hint of orange marmalade bitterness and a light maritime feel with some soft salty toffee, dark chocolate, white pepper and nutmeg. This is promising…

The palate starts off with some flavours of orange marmalade, spices, black pepper, soft wood notes, liquorish, fresh lemon juice, salty toffee and delivers also some almost smoky meaty notes. Quickly followed by fresh green apples that slice through those soft smoky goodness and release a cherry blossom and ginger flavour. I am getting a balanced feeling with a good length finish that has velvet chocolate mixed with fresh creamy lemon curd and sweet sticky canned peaches.

After a while it even reveals me a note of some mixed nuts, gingerbread and marzipan. There is something “earthy” in it on the far back of the finish but not interfering with the sweet and creamy other notes.  Aromatic smoke woven through a balanced mix of different flavour profiles. Thanks Bram for sharing a sample of this whisky!


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