Syndicate 58/6 – 12 year old

The people at Douglas Laing recently sent over a sample of their Syndicate 58/6 blended Scotch whisky, 12 years old and bottled at 40%. What can they tell us about this expression?

The Syndicate blend contains 18 Single Malt Whiskies and 4 Single Grain Whiskies. The quality and consistency of the blend has been maintained over the years by operating a ‘Solera’ system whereby when additional 12 year Old whiskies are added they are reblended with the older stock. Thus the Syndicate blend still contains small quantities of the original 1958 blend. One of the things that sets the Syndicate blend apart from other blends is that it is ‘married’ and finally matured for up to 2 years in 4 year old Oloroso Sherry casks which we import from the Spanish region of Andalucia. 

Lets have a nose and taste. It feels balanced and both the nose and palate give me similar notes of creamy and sweet fruit. Red apples, pears, mango, honey, orange marmalade, soft spices, some liquorish, dried fruits, vanilla, raisins, hint of nuts, soft ginger, marzipan, powdered sugar and some toffee sweetness.

The soft medium length finish pushes the spices and ginger notes more forward and with the dark chocolate truffle combined that they send over with the sample it becomes even more a creamy and fruity dram. No bold flavours but a great mix of warming tones, making it an nice dram to relax with. Thanks Douglas Laing for sharing!


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