The Wemyss Family Collection

Wemyss Malts recently released two blended malts in the Wemyss Family Collection representing two different styles. The people at Wemyss Malts kindly send over samples of these new releases for a closer look…

Vanilla Burst
Batch 2017/1 is a blend of 2 Speyside single malts that have been maturing in fifteen 1st fill ex-bourbon casks, producing 4800 bottles at 46%. Available from mid August for a suggested retail price of 43 pound.

Treacle Chest
Batch 2017/2 is a blend of 2 Highland single malts that have been maturing in fourteen 1st fill ex-sherry casks, producing 6300 bottles at 46%. Available from mid August for a suggested retail price of 47 pound.

Lets have a closer look at my notes of these two drams. First up is the Vanilla Burst that has prominent creamy vanilla notes combined with rich ripe fruit notes on the nose. Clear ginger bread and cookie dough notes come to mind also for this one combined with red apples, soft floral notes, elderflower, warm banana, liquorish root and candied ginger. The palate becomes more intense on the fruit sweetness front and produces a clear vanilla custard pudding note covered with red summer fruits. Pepper, all spice and honey are mixed through this all in a balanced way. The medium length finish gives me a mix of the vanilla custard pudding but now with fresh rhubarb and chocolate sprinkles. An enjoyable dram with different balanced flavours.

The Treacle Chest is something different for sure. First I am getting warm porridge and sultana notes on the nose, followed by whole wheat pancakes with some fresh plum jam on top of them. It becomes more open and sweeter with time, releasing dense sweet fruit notes, orange marmalade and almost a meaty note. The palate releases at first an array of different fruits and it becomes very sweet and creamy. Followed by this is a strong note of ginger bread with candied ginger bits through it. Honey, apples, banana, sultana, cocos shavings, marzipan, redcurrant jam, cherry coke add even more to the sweet feeling of it. On the medium length finish I find some dark chocolate notes combined with a hint of an earthy note. A dram with dense and sweet flavours. Something totally different for sure then the first expression.

Thanks for sharing Wemyss Malts!



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