The Maltman – Glen Spey 23

A recent expression released by the Maltman comes from the Glen Spey distillery. The spirit for this whisky was distilled in September 1993, then left to work its magic together with bourbon cask #1749 for 23 years, before it was bottled as whisky at 49,2% in August 2017.

On the nose I am getting a mixture of sauerkraut, raisins, marzipan and lemon. Weird notes together but kind of working for me strangle enough. Lets dive in deeper and see what more I can find in this whisky on the nose. Some grapefruit, honey, spices, pepper, nuts, cherry, hint of tobacco, sugared almonds, jasmine and a light wood spice note…

The palate shows me at first much like the nose all ready revealed to me. But there is a combination added of lemon, grapefruit, cream, spices, vanilla and a hint of tea and coffee that makes it very interesting. Behind this I can find some creamy notes of canned peaches and also some spices and nuts are on the end of the finish. A dram that is fresh and creamy. Thanks Andy for sharing a sample of expression!


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