Peat’s Beast

Door number 6 of the Drinks by the Dram Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar is open and a sample of the Peat’s Beast, bottled at 46% is revealed!

The feeling that you are standing on a beach, with only pebble stones where the salty sea water is playing around with and the smoldering residue of a bonfire next to you. That mixture of salty, mineral and charcoal/ashy flavours. That is what my first thought was when nosing this whisky. Add to that some black berries, blackcurrant, plums, cranberry juice, honey, ginger and toffee and you have a sweet and light salty nose.

On the palate I can find some soft salty liquorish, salmiak, ginger, vanilla, red apple, fudge, honey, plums, apricots, aniseed, cloves, laurel and some soft smoky notes. A good length finish with fruit sweetness, honey and toffee mixed with the blackcurrant notes that come forward clearly again in the end.  Thanks to #DrinksbytheDram for sharing this #WhiskyAdvent !


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