A while back there was a #SpeyburnLive tasting on Facebook for which three samples of their expressions, the 10 year old, the 15 year old and the Bradan Orach were send over. A great way to discover some more of this distillery and its releases.

With spring now almost here and the cold fronts finally moving away, I can see magic rays of sunlight coming down chasing away the gray and brown color palatte and replacing them with green and brighter ones. I myself seem to be coming out of some sort of winter hibernation at the moment after a couple of crazy busy months, mostly spend offline, and now finally able to sit down and enjoy a dram again from time to time…

When opening my little notebook this morning, where I write down my tasting notes and other ramblings, I noticed that I did not share the full reviews yet on this #SpeyburnLive event here. Only did that on Facebook during the live tasting. Oh oh, shamefully late to post them here I know now, but better late then never shall we say? So here it is, the Speyburn 10, 15 and Bradan Orach reviews 🙂

10 year old
On the nose soft vanilla, lemon, oranges, creamy malt notes, grassy notes and yellow raisins. The palate gives me these lemon and vanilla notes again together with the soft grass, ginger and oranges, but this time the citrus is a bit more bitter almost. Maybe it is leaning towards marmalade more and I am not a big fan of that so that can influence my view on this one. A soft finish on this 10 year old expression.

15 year old
On the nose honey, vanilla, caramel, coffee, orange marmalade, banana, lemon, powdered sugar, tangerines and soft spices. Much like the nose the palate shows a creamy vanilla overall feeling to it with some apples, breakfast cereal and dried banana. The finish has a lemon freshness coming through on it with a hint of fennel and mocha.

Bradan Orach
On the nose I can find different fruits and soft spices mixing in with the vanilla, citrus and light floral notes. There is some red apple, ripe banana, ginger, baking spices, elderflower syrup, oranges and lemons in there… The palate is soft with a touch of marmalade coming through. I can also pick up some flavours of lemon sweets, creamy vanilla, raisins, red apple, toffee and a light coffee note. The finish is short and leaves me with a taste of red apples covered in honey.

Thanks Speyburn for sharing these!




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