Benromach “20th anniversary”

At the end of April the Benromach distillery celebrated a milestone of it being 20 years since production started after being refurbished and re-opened in 1998. This 20th anniversary expression was distilled in 1998 and bottled in 2018 at 56,2% to mark this occasion.

On the nose I can get a good dose of citrus flavours combined with roasted malt, dark chocolate and dried fruits. Vanilla, red crumbly apples, marmalade, coffee, blackcurrant, ginger and soft spices follow quickly after that…

The palate shows these flavours also beautiful but adds a warm creamy layer to it of more sweet red summer fruits, dried apricots, dried cranberry, mango and a hint of warm grilled pineapple. A balanced dram with a good dose of different types of fruit, warm spices, chocolate, malt and toffee. A lovely dram, thanks for sharing a sample of it Benromach!




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