Gordon & Macphail – Connoisseurs Choice – Wood Finish – Caol Ila 2004

From Gordon & Macphail in the Connoisseurs Choice line a new wood finish expression is released from the Caol Ila distillery. This batch 18/002 is distilled in 2004, matured in first fill bourbon and refill american casks, finished on first fill Hermitage casks for three years and bottled in 2018 at the age of 13 years old and at a strength of 45%.

From nosing this whisky I can get some sweet flavours of mixed red summer fruit, vanilla pudding, honeycomb, dried banana, toffee, oranges, red pepper, soft heather and a light dark chocolate note. Some warm spice and soft smoky flavours make me think of a good beef stew that has been simmering for a couple of hours on the stove and filling the house with a mixture of sweet and warm flavours.

Sipping it slowly there is a warm and creamy mix of flavours developing, revealing the many layers hidden in this whisky. Fresh and dried fruits, warm chocolate, different kinds of liquorice and other sweets, many sort of spices, heather honey, some soft flower tones and not to forget that sweet soft smoke going through it all… The nose and palate are definitely balanced and show again a beautiful Caol Ila expression with a good length finish also. Thanks for sharing a sample of it Gordon & Macphail!




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